About Us

GrindTeq develops software and seeks to harness the full information technology potential as we roll out cutting edge software and IT solutions that create unison in the various aspects and fields, creating reliability, efficiency and assurance thus making us one of the leading IT company in Uganda.

We are incorporated and have been operational since 2012. We also specialize in the delivery of mobile content through partnering with mobile telecom companies like MTN and Africell to deliver a range of services for business, entertainment, utilities, marketing, education

Who Are We

We have a robust background in information technology especially mobile and web provision with over 8 years experience in the development and promotion of business systems & solutions.

Our Mission

To become a regional and global IT company, delivering high quality, affordable and cutting-edge mobile services and establish high profile relationships with telecom companies, clients and mobile subscribers in Uganda and beyond.

What We Do

We are developing a number of mobile applications and systems that aim to make your day to day duties easier i.e. getting the complex and bothering processes out of your life hence giving you more time to spend on other crucial things.

Our history

Our hard work made as the first company to propose and implement toll-free messaging as a way for customers subscribing & unsubscribing for our mobile value added services with leading telecom companies like MTN and Africell, thus bridging a very important gap in service delivery

Our 6-D process



Before you can fix a problem, you need to know what the problem is, and what the perfect solution needs to be. We sit down with you and discover what you are currently doing, what you want to do, and who your target market is



The next step is to define the problem so that we are all on the same page. Depending on the problem, we will define a solution and map it out for you, step by step.



Once we are certain that everyone is literally on the same page, we will custom design a solution for you. Depending on the requirements, that may involve designing a new website for you, or designing a social media marketing plan to suit.



ext step in the process is to develop the specific custom solution for you.

This may mean developing a wire frame version of your new website, or developing a step by step plan for your social media marketing



We will deploy a live version of your solution, so that you can see first-hand how the solution will work, honk the horn and ring the bells. At this stage the solution will be in grey scale, so as not to confuse you with the complex details, but to let you see how it works in real time.



When satisfied that you are delighted with your new solution, we then handle you the keys and let you drive off into the sunset, we will work with you so that you and your staff are all completely familiar with the solution, and are happy to recommend us

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Best Quality Designs

24×7 Live Support

Result Oriented Projects

Award Winning Support Team

Best ROI Techniques

Experienced Professionals

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